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HGH ແລະມະເຮັງ - ຄວາມຈິງແລະຄວາມນິຍົມ?

1. HGH ແລະມະເຮັງ - ຄວາມຈິງແລະຄວາມນິຍົມ?
2. Restorative functions of HGH in the body
3. HGH treatment - from dwarfism to burns
4. Does human growth hormone promote cancer?
5. Can HGH beat cancer?
6. The provoking effect of HGH on the development of oncology or where did the myth come from?
7. HGH Thailand - an effective product from a reliable supplier.

HGH ແລະມະເຮັງ - ຄວາມຈິງແລະຄວາມນິຍົມ?

Slowing down the aging process, getting rid of excess weight, accelerating the growth of muscle mass are just a few of the reasons why thousands of people tend to buy growth hormone, ເປັນທີ່ຮູ້ຈັກຍັງເປັນ HGH ແລະ Genotropin.

But those who are serious about their health and are not accustomed to taking on trust advertising, still have doubts: is this product dangerous? After all, today is actively being exaggerated information that he allegedly can cause cancer. However, recent studies have confirmed: growth hormone not only does not provoke the development of an illness, but in some cases, on the contrary, is able to resist it.

Restorative functions of HGH in the body

The first active use of the Human growth hormone was associated with its intended purpose and name. In 1964, in the American Baltimore, a large-scale campaign was launched for free treatment of dwarfs - people suffering from a lack of HGH in the body. Soon healthy consumers also became interested in the drug: the majority acquired it for their children in order to make them higher and thus provide sports prospects.

Then, through research, scientists have found that increasing growth is not the only ability of a hormone. The product began to gain popularity among athletes due to its anabolic effect. HGH stimulates protein synthesis and the penetration of amino acids into the muscles, due to which they increase at regular physical exertion.

However, anabolism is important not only to achieve records, but also to treat injuries, which are commonplace for athletes and bodybuilders. It has been proven that growth hormone promotes rapid recovery:

- Bones. According to the observations of clinicians, when taking Genotropin, the calcium content in the body first increases and then decreases. This indicates the strengthening of the old bone tissue and the formation of a new one.

- Soft tissue, including muscle. Effective recovery is due to enhanced protein synthesis under the influence of Human growth hormone.

- Cartilage. The weakest links of the musculoskeletal system. Extremely vulnerable to injury and unable to fully regenerate on their own, since their structure is 97% composed of extracellular substance. At the same time, unlike bones, they are very capricious of the choice of preparations for recovery: they react exclusively to HGH. The sensitivity of cells to growth hormone is 100 times higher than to anabolic steroids, insulin and adaptogens.

These results marked the beginning of the extensive use of growth hormone in the treatment of fractures, sprains and other injuries of the musculoskeletal system, not only in athletes.

The drug showed high positive results, including with complex combined injuries, when all components of the skeleton are affected: bones, ligaments, muscles. According to doctors, when using HGH, the healing of various injuries of the spine, large and small joints is almost twice as fast.

It is worth adding that in the case of cartilage tissue Genotropin can not only provide effective treatment, but also serve as a prophylactic agent. By acting on the intercellular substance, the product strengthens the cartilage, thus preventing damage to the intervertebral discs and menisci.

HGH treatment - from dwarfism to burns

The discovery of HGH's capabilities in eliminating pituitary nanism, that is, dwarfism, was also a starting point for treating abnormalities that premature babies often suffer. First of all, it is about the lack of height and weight. In addition, Human growth hormone affects sexual development, the formation of intelligence, memory and higher mental functions.

Therefore, with appropriate disorders in a child, doctors must check the level of HGH and, if necessary, prescribe the drug.
Due to its high anabolic effect, growth hormone is used today in many areas of medicine and helps to help patients with various diseases:

- Burn disease. An open wound is fraught with a large loss of protein, which can be fatal. HGH stimulates protein synthesis, helping tissue repair.

- Ulcers of the stomach and intestines. When using the drug stops bleeding and accelerates the healing process.

- Heart failure. Human growth hormone can promote the growth of new heart muscle cells after an attack.
Dental diseases that are not amenable to treatment with conventional methods and drugs. These include, for example, periodontal disease.

This list can be continued by pathologies of the pancreas, liver, kidneys, eyes, and other ailments, which require stimulation of healthy tissue growth for treatment. In addition, the product has a general beneficial effect on the body:

- improves blood quality;
- strengthens the immune system;
- increases stress resistance;
- mobilizes energy resources;
- prevents the occurrence of microtraumas;
- helps to recover faster after exercise.

Both scientists and practitioners are convinced that growth hormone has enormous potential that will help to overcome many more diseases. Therefore, the scope of its application will continue to expand.

Does human growth hormone promote cancer?

Along with the obvious advantages of HGH on the Internet, the ability of a hormone to allegedly trigger cancer is often mentioned. We must pay tribute to the authors: they are trying to be objective. Therefore, the following argument is usually given as a platform for his theory: if healthy cells are actively growing when a drug is taken, it means that cancer cells also grow. It would seem logical, but in fact everything is much more complicated.

First you need to take into account that HGH was never tested on cancer patients due to ethical considerations. Therefore, clinical data that could confirm that growth hormone accelerates the development of malignant cells, no. But there are conclusions of researchers based on the study of genetic predisposition to cancer.

People with this risk factor tend to be more successful in sports, especially those associated with muscle building. Their body has 2 features. First, protein synthesis is much faster. But tumors grow at an accelerated pace. Secondly, fatty acids oxidize better. Therefore, the energy potential is much higher than that of others.

However, when tumors appear (which is not at all predetermined), the immune system may fail: its cells no longer recognize and destroy the neoplasms. This is most likely to occur around the age of 40, when the thymus or thymus gland, which is responsible for anti-cancer immunity, begins to atrophy. In the absence of protection, the disease progresses.

The question arises: can growth hormone be used by people with a genetic predisposition to oncology? Scientists give a sure answer: at the age of 30 years, the use of HGH not only does not be harmful, but even benefits.
The fact is that Human growth hormone is the only compound that stimulates the reproduction of cells of immune organs.

First of all - thymus. The more active the influence of growth hormone is, the larger the thymus gland will reach. Therefore, it will be able to protect the body from malignant cells much longer. Science has not yet discovered any other means for such a significant increase in the thymus.

The situation is somewhat different with people older than 40 years. In the presence of hereditary predisposition, it is possible that oncological processes in the body have already begun, but still do not make themselves known. Therefore, before taking the drug, it is recommended to undergo a thorough medical examination.
As for consumers who do not have family prerequisites for cancer, they can use growth hormone at their discretion absolutely at any age. For them, the product is completely safe.

Oncologists often admit that they do not understand the attacks on HGH: anabolic steroids and androgens are a much greater threat to people with a hereditary risk factor. The latter cause rapid atrophy of the thymus - in some cases, the body loses a protective organ for several weeks. Anabolic steroids do not act so quickly, but lead to the same result.

Can HGH beat cancer?

It is still early to speak about this unequivocally, but it is likely that the hormone that is now suspected of participating in the development of oncology will soon become an effective medicine against it. Evidence of this - a study conducted in November 2018 at the University of Miami.

Scientists synthesized compound MR409, based on human growth hormone. Then they studied how a new substance behaves in relation to cancer cells during an experiment in a Petri dish and on live mice that had previously been human tumors:

- breasts
- lungs
- stomach
- pancreas
- intestines
- prostate gland
- bladder

In a laboratory vessel, as it should be, MR409 caused the growth of the malignant flora. And the impact on animals, to the surprise of researchers, gave the result with the exact opposite. Cancer development has been stopped.

It turns out, MR409 does not work as an analogue of HGH, but as its complete opposite. Scientists have established the reason for this "behavior." It was found that the compound enters into a relationship with growth hormone receptors in tumors and in the pituitary gland, blocking them. This is possible only in living individuals, and not in isolated conditions.

The same effect an experimental substance can have on tumors in humans. Researchers are already planning to begin developing a new cancer drug based on MR409.

The provoking effect of HGH on the development of oncology or where did the myth come from?

Every statement, including a false one, has its origins. In order to understand what made Internet authors associate growth hormone with the onset of cancer, it suffices to recall Chinese-made drugs that are being actively sold in Russia today.

We are talking about uncertified fakes that have nothing to do with the Human growth hormone. Under the guise of this product implement peptides, which, according to experts, really cause the development of malignant tumors in people with hereditary predisposition.

And even among the young, not to mention those over 40. Therefore, before you buy Genotropin, pay attention to the manufacturer and the availability of a certificate.

HGH Thailand - an effective product from a reliable supplier

On the modern market, not only Chinese, but also European and domestic products are offered in abundance. Some of them have a decent quality and the necessary documentation. The other one is of dubious origin and is implemented almost "from under the floors". If you want to buy legally human growth hormone and at the same time get the desired result from its use without side effects, contact verified vendors.

HGH Thailand is the official distributor of HGH products in Thailand. The company supplies drugs to all countries of the world, including Thailand. Addressing us, you gain a number of advantages:

- Proven quality. HGH for sale online has all licenses and certificates.
- Adequate price of the goods. HGH is available to the buyer with any budget.
- Convenience of purchase. You can make a request from any region in minutes.

Make it simple: fill in the online order form, wait for the manager's call, specify the type of product you need, the volume of products and the place where you intend to receive it.

The standard delivery time for goods from Thailand is 4-7 days. If you want to start using the drug as soon as possible, then for an additional fee you will bring it in 1-3 days. The exact period depends on the region of your location.


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